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The Horses offered by Trail Horses of The WEST will exceed your expectations, whether you ride at 13,000 feet in the rugged mountains or a congested trail in a metro area.

Fred Mau, owner of Trail Horses Of The West

Trail Horses of The WEST has many years of proven excellence in customer service and selection of exceptional gaited trail horses.

Trail Horses of The WEST is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and to treating our customers like family.

Itís not only a promise, itís a tradition!


"This Pretty Boy is Gabe. Trail Horses of the West owned him in 2008 and sold him to a wonderful couple from Encinitas, California that year.
Because of the husband developing a very bad back condition is why Gabe is now up for sale again. When I originally sold this horse his name was Chesapeake. His new owners renamed him Angel Gabriel and hence the nick name Gabe. The owners of this fine horse were so or are so concerned that Gabe get another deserving home that they paid to have Gabe transported to New Mexico from California and I am offering Gabe for sale under consignment. I am more than willing to share the correspondence between myself and the owners with serious buyers. This horse had the luxury and experience of spending his summer months in Idaho, being trail ridden in the mountains. Gabe has "MILES" on him. As solid and trustworthy as one can find!

Price: $5,000

Age: 13 years Color: tri-color
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.2 hands Registration: No


Princess is a stunningly gorgeous mare I owned several years ago and now have her back for sale again. (Lucky me, Lucky you!) I have some long history with this great of the photos I have posted is of me riding Princess in the mountains above Colorado Springs before I even moved to New Mexico and I have been in New Mexico now for almost seven years! A good friend and client from Placitas, NM has since owned Princess for several years and because of some birthday issues, she traded me Princess for shorter Goldenrod. Princess has had a wonderful home and is well cared for. She has been conditioned and ridden barefoot in the rocky terrain of Sandia Peak. Having the luxury of riding right out of my friends home, Princess didn't need to be hauled in a trailer anywhere and hasn't been in a trailer for over three years. When I picked up Princess and her pasture mate, Tex, neither one had been in a trailer for over three years. To my delight both horses jumped right into my trailer without a moment's hesitation! This should tell you a great deal about her temperament. Walk right up to her anywhere! Princess is a sweetheart as her name implies and can be ridden by anyone. More videos will be coming soon!

Price: $3,750

Age: 11 years Color: buckskin tobiano
  Sex: mare Breed: Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: No


Those of you who follow this website know I am very much sold on the gaited horse breeds as the best for pleasure and trail riding. I certainly recognize there are other breeds well-suited for other disciplines. The AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION has done a fine job of promoting their breed and if I was Team Roping, I'd be riding one for that sport too! Now I have a Quarter Horse for sale and he is a plum good one. You can buy him and use him for whatever discipline you wish but keep in mind.....this handsome fellow is BROKE!! Kids horse, Family Horse, Guest name it. If ya want him for trail riding, he won't break any land speed records but he'll get you there in one happy piece! Tex's color is grullo and that color is special and highly sought after. Besides his beautiful and unique color, Tex is registered. His registered name is: REGINALD BAR SCOTT (don't shoot me, I didn't name him!) Registration Number 4330284 DOB March 31, 2001. I like this horse and he can have a home on my ranch for as long as he wants.

Price: $3,750

Age: 13 years Color: grullo
  Sex: gelding Breed: Quarter Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: Yes, AQHA #4330284


Appache has an interesting background which will no doubt explain why he is so broke and gentle. Appache was raised by a fellow who was a raccoon hunter or more commonly called a Coon Hunter! In coon hunting, dogs tree the coons for the hunters and all of this is done in the nighttime when raccoons come out of their dens in trees and move about the woods. After the coons are treed, the hunters must leash up their dogs and forcibly take the dogs away from the tree. Appache was trained to have two dogs on each side of him on leather leads or leashes. If one cam imagine riding in the dark of night through the woods with barking dogs and flashlights then one can begin to see how broke this good-looking guy is. Man that owned him wanted the money to buy some more coon hounds and my associate was johnny on the spot to get him bought for Trail Horses of the West. Registered Spotted Mountain Horse and Racking Horse..........dual registered! Known as the most broke horse in eastern Kentucky!! More photos and videos to follow!

Price: $4,850

Age: 9 years Color: Tan tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: Yes, SMHA # 050149 and RHBA #1050483


McCoy is a very unique colored buckskin. His body color is like it has a touch of silver in it...........striking! Very dark points and boy does he ride nice! Coming five years old McCoy has a whole head full of sense......he is calm, gentle and very mature acting. More photos and videos to follow soon.

Price: $4,800

Age: 5 years Color: buckskin
  Sex: gelding Breed: Mountain Horse/Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: NO


This fellow is Mello! Mello is capable of a "one horse" parade! Who wouldn't stop and look at this guy? Dark, dark palomino with some dapples ta boot. Tall handsome and extremely calm and gentle..............hence his name. Will get ya more photos and videos in a few days. In the mean time I've got four of the most handsome palominos you have ever laid your eyes on. Come and ride 'em!

Price: $5,500

Age: 6 years Color: dark gold palomino w/white mane & tail
  Sex: gelding Breed: Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.2 hands Registration: NO


"Spencer is an 8 year old Spotted Mountain Horse gelding. He is as calm and gentle as any horse I have ever owned. If you watch the videos you will see an extraordinary horse. Beautiful markings, perfect four beat gait and a temperament we all wish every horse has. I am not going to say much more other than watch the videos I have posted. Thanks..................Fred 

Price: $5,500

Age: 8 years Color: Black tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: NO


Chrome is a stocky, big boned gelding standing 15.1. He is as calm and gentle as they get! If he happens to be Catholic, I'm sure he'll be granted Sainthood! As you can see from the photos and videos, he has already been blessed with extraordinary good looks. White mane that hangs below his neck and a full bushy white tail that touches the ground! Did I mention snow white mane & tail? Chromes mommy was a chocolate with white mane & tail registered and certified Rocky Mountain horse. His daddy was a registered Tennessee Walker. Not only did his parents give him head turning looks but the kindest temperament and a great smooth gaits ta boot! The only thing that moves when you mount him is his ears.......he'll turn his ears back and wait for the riders commands. Don't know what I did, to earn a horse like this but Baby, I must be doing something right!

Price: $6,000

Age: 5 years Color: palomino
  Sex: gelding Breed: Mountain Horse/Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: No


No guess work needed to figure out how this pretty gal got her name. Cat Tracks are all over her body and she has one blue eye! At ten years of age Cat Tracks has seen and done it all! When we ride her out the gates of our ranch she puts on her business cap and away ya go for a most enjoyable ride. She ain't looking for nothing as she goes down the trail. Just measures 14.2 and has the stocky build that is capable of carrying a big person if needed. As you can see from the videos posted, Cat Tracks can walk right out in a nice little saddle/trail gait or walk right down at a speed conducive to trail riding with slower walking breeds. Nice, nice little horse well worth the $$$$$$$!

Price: $3,500

Age: 10 years Color: Bay tobiano
  Sex: mare Breed: Spotted Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.2 hands Registration: NO


This big beautiful hunk of a horse, is Patches. Patches is 13 years old and is a Spotted Saddle Horse mare that is super smooth. Yes, she needs to go on a diet and she will be slimming down quickly as she is introduced to New Mexico, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Twin Ponds Ranch. Patches was owned for the last 6 half years by a lady in Kentucky who has a large Living Quarters trailer and rode Patches all over the country. To load Patches, all you have to do is bring her to the entrance of the trailer and she'll jump right in. When she is out in the pasture one simply need to call out, "Patches or Come On Girl" and she will run to you. She'll also go right into the barn and to "her stall", automatically! I personally witnessed my crazy associate riding her on a busy highway and making cars stop and follow Patches as he gaited her right down the road. Patches is not at all spooky or afraid of anything! Will stand to get on and off, with or without a mounting block. Only reason this previous owner sold Patches to me is because Patches was just to big for her. If you want a big horse you need to seriously consider Patches!

Price: $3,950

Age: 13 years Color: Black tobiano
  Sex: mare Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.3 hands Registration: NO


"Gentleman Jack (GJ) is a one year old colt that is absolutely handsome! Chocolate with a light yellow flaxen mane and tail. His papers are being processed and he is registered in both Rocky Mountain Horse Association and the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association. He was born right here in New Mexico and has been socialized since birth. What a wonderful saddle horse this little fellow is going to be soon! If you have followed my site for some time now, you already know that these beautiful chocolate horses easily sell in the $6,500 to $12,000 price range. Here is your chance to own one of these beauties at a cost next to nothing! As I have said many times before......starting these Mountain Horses with such great temperaments is a breeze! Can ya just imagine how much fun you can have watching this pretty boy grow up?

Price: $1,500

Age: 1 year Color: chocolate
  Sex: stud colt Breed: Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 12.2 hands Registration: Yes, RMHA & KMSHA


Tonka is a horse I have owned as a personal horse for over three years. I have had him all over New Mexico, Colorado, Big Bend, Texas and several times in various locations in Arizona. I have had multiple friends ride him, my daughters have ridden him and I myself have ridden him on a number of trial rides.......these is no better riding horse in the world! When I sold him last May 2013 I had tears in my eyes. I now have tears of joy as he is coming back and I can again find him another wonderful home. Of course you are asking, "why is he coming back?" Well, the answer is simply. The lady who last owned him (Orange, County California....congestion & traffic) always wanted a Blue Roan and reluctantly traded Tonka back for Blue Boy. If you are a timid or plum beginner rider you seriously need to consider Tonka. He will gain your confidence back in a matter of minutes. Ride Tonka in the front, middle or back....ride him with a group of novice riders or ride him with a group of aggressive experienced riders......doesn't matter! He'll perform at any level you put him! As safe of horse as there ever has been!

Price: $2,500

Age: 13 years Color: Bay
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height:  14.3 hands Registration: Yes RMHA #24523546


Personally, I have never seen one like him. His name is Hawk and Hawk is a very well-bred and registered Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. His D.O.B. is July 5, 2012. Not yet under saddle but oh so well socialized and halter broke. Already standing over 15.1 hands high, Hawk will easily grow to 15.3 and that my friends is a big Rocky. For just a two years of age and coming three, Hawk is broad in the shoulder with good fleshy body. But besides that, Hawk has the kindest of eye and will be the talk of the town no matter where he goes. Chocolate roan is Hawk's color with dark legs and head with a flaxen mane and tail..............absolutely stunning! I'll tell you what, this unique gelding will be..........SPECIAL! Mark it down, Hawk will be a saddle horse everyone wishes they owned. Buy him now at $3,000 but in another year and a half, he'll sell for $8,000!

Price: $3,000

Age: 3 years Color: chocolate roan
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: RMHA # 2012044833


This pretty, pretty filly is Tiny Dancer. Tiny Dancer was born July 15, 2012 right here in the Land of Enchantment! Tiny Dancer is registered in the Spotted Mountain Horse Association which is a subsidiary of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association but for the spotted or paint colors of the Mountain Horse breed. Currently, Tiny Dancer measures 14.1 hands tall and her mother and sister were 14.3 so that would be a good guess as to her adult height may end up at. Tiny Dancer is only 5-6 months away from being broke to saddle and there is no doubt in my mind that she'll be another calm, gentle saddle horse like her breed is known for. A potential buyer should also consider down the road Tiny Dancer being bred and producing some babies. The demand for good smooth gaited horses is increasing daily and I can promise you there will be buyers for more like Tiny Dancer. Take a close look at the photos please. Tiny Dancer's markings are extraordinary in my opinion with her mane and tail becoming blond as it grows out. Beautiful Filly! I'll sell her right now for a small sum of $1,200 but as time goes on and TD get's started under saddle her price will certainly go up. Someone could own this horse for the next 25 years and have a whole bunch of fun doing it!

Price: $1,200

Age: 2 years Color: Red Chocolate tobiano
  Sex: filly Breed: Spotted Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.1 hands Registration: # 13001


Here is the perfect horse for a beginner! Now Red Robin II is BROKE! Take a look at the photos. You'll see an associate of mine hanging off the butt of this wonderful calm horse. One does not do such a thing if one is not certain of the outcome! Red Robin II has been owned and ridden by a 76 year old lady. The ONLY reason you are viewing this spectacular gelding for sale on my website is because her husband put Red Robin II up for sale. Reason for putting Red Robin II up for sale? Wife has breast cancer and not expected to ride again. Videos will be posted soon but believe me this sweet boy is SMOOTH and has near perfect conformation. Wish you had a horse like this? I wish I had a hundred of 'em, just like Red Robin II!"

Price: $3,500

Age: 8  years Color: red sorrel
  Sex: gelding Breed: Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.2 hands Registration: No


In the past, when I have posted a strikingly handsome horse like Reno, I'll have someone respond back and say, "I don't buy color!" Well folks, I am not just selling color. What I am offering for sale is a sweet horse that will meet and greet you at the gate and accept your affection for as long as you wish to give it. If you think Reno's handsome color deprives you from the benefit of a smooth comfortable are dead wrong! An experienced gaited horse person can look at the photographs I have posted and see Reno's back hoof hitting the ground with the front hoof about the touch the ground in the exact delayed time to make the perfect smooth gait. In my posted video you will see my hired man with no experience in gaited horses prior to coming to work for THOTW, finding the right groove and gaiting off in ultra smooth fashion! Additionally, I have posted several other videos. Two of the videos show Reno crossing a arroyo and another shows him coming up a very steep and rocky trail with dogs on both sides of him. Reno is 15 hands tall but I wouldn't describe him as a big horse at all. He is of the slimmer built but don't let that make you think his build will effect his endurance. First to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon were of the slimmer build...... football type bodies didn't finish! Four years of age and ready for any any situation you care to put him in. Reno is also ready to enjoy your morning coffee or drink of choice at the end of the day with you. If history matters to you, his mother is owned by a friend and farrier. She was a sorrel with white mane and tail. Reno's grandfather is Tacketts Trigger who fathered many Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain palominos over the last 10-12 years. If you need papers on Reno you can probably get them but he is a gelding!

Price: $4,850

Age: 4 years Color: golden palomino
  Sex: gelding Breed: Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: Can be


Connie is a 10 year old Mountain Horse mare that is just fun, fun, fun to ride. I have posted three videos on this website. One video show Connie clipping right along through the trees and rocks...........bushwhacking! Another video shows her magnificent smooth gait. And the finally video shows her walking on a loose rein. I can tell you that Connie does not look at a thing. I can fly right up behind her on a 4-wheeler and she doesn't even look back! A pretty horse that I would call a black chocolate, not a bay. She glitters in the sun and I can't think of a sole who wouldn't be proud to ride her anywhere! I was fortunate to purchase her right and I am going to sell her right. OK, here ya go..................$2,500 and you have got a real good one. her and then please send me a Christmas card and say thanks. Yep, you'll be pleased!

Price: $2,500

Age: 10 years Color: black chocolate
  Sex: mare Breed: Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: NO

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