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[ Always For Sale - ~Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses,†Rocky Mountain Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, and many others!!]

The Horses offered by Trail Horses of The WEST will exceed your expectations, whether you ride at 13,000 feet in the rugged mountains or a congested trail in a metro area.

Fred Mau, owner of Trail Horses Of The West

Trail Horses of The WEST has many years of proven excellence in customer service and selection of exceptional gaited trail horses.

Trail Horses of The WEST is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and to treating our customers like family.

Itís not only a promise, itís a tradition!

(Please note: All of the horses offered for sale at THOTW, Inc. have recently been vaccinated with either a 4- way or a 5-way, Nasal Strangles and West Nile. In addition, horses are wormed with the best worm medication on the market.)


"If you are lucky enough to own a horse like Oilivander, you are plum lucky enough! As the owner of Trail Horses of the West, I too, feel very fortunate to be able to offer a Rocky Mountain gelding like Oilivander. I acquired Oilivander from a nice lady from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This lady rode Oilivander in the mountains of her ranch for the last two years. Believe me, he is a dandy boy! Please watch the videos, then take a bus, plane or train to get here cuz he won't last long!"

Price: $7,500

Age: 7 years Color: Dark chocolate with a flaxen mane and tail.
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: Yes, RMHA #2009042297


Happy to offer this little mare to the 14.1 hand market. Chocolate Daisy's mother and father were to have both been registered in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association but the breeder didn't follow the rules for registry and no papers come with Chocolate Daisy. If you are wanting a registered Rocky Mountain mare, you have come to the right place as I have a couple I'd love to show you. If, however, you are wanting a great little saddle mare for pleasure and trail riding, look no further. Chocolate Daisy is a real good one with several gaits and all smooth too! Manuel, whom you have seen riding many of our horses in the photos and videos, just came back from a ride on Chocolate Daisy and he rode her right into a big herd of elk and she didn't blink an eye! Also, if you look real hard in the photos of her with no saddle, there are four Mule Deer looking at us as the photos were taken. Head full of sense....solid! As I said, great little trail/pleasure horse and easy on the eyes as well.

Price: $4,200

Age: 8 years Color: chocolate
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.1 hands Registration: NO


"Customers like to know about a horses past history and I certainly understand that. So, here goes......I purchased Gold Nugget about a year ago from a fellow who was in the process of a divorce. He told me Gold Nugget was a horse he and his wife owned for last four years. Since filing for divorce, he got Gold Nugget and his former wife got the registration papers! (Actually, he didn't say his former wife...used another word to describe her!) Anyways, Gold Nugget is suppose to be a registered Tennessee Walker and I have no doubts about her breed. After owning Gold Nugget for a couple of months, I got a phone call from a women in South Carolina that wanted her and another palomino mare I had as well. I received a deposit check and since I had already planned a trip to go back east, I offered to deliver. The check for the balance, however, bounced not once but twice. We all have to pay our bills, so I had Gold Nugget and her pasture mate repossessed and brought back to New Mexico. Now, being the kind wonderful mare that Gold Nugget is, it didn't take long for a nice lady from Corrales, New Mexico to come along and buy Gold Nugget. Lady loved Gold Nugget but guess what? While in South Carolina, Gold Nugget was bred!! That was news to me until I got a phone call from my customer in Corrales, New Mexico! Oh-Dear! Now the lady in Corrales does not have property for a young colt. Gorgeous, smooth gaited, lovable, easy to catch, stands to get on or off either side and experienced! Rides just great in a Hackamore!"

Price: $4,250

Age: 8 years Color: Dark Gold palomino
  Sex: mare Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: Yes, but no papers go with sale


"Scooter is an eleven year old gelding standing 15.1 hands tall. He possesses a perfect four-beat gait which is adequately demonstrated in the videos posted. As I said in the videos his color pattern is Overo. Three tall stockings with white on his belly and cheeks of his head. For the ride of you life, you better come and see for yourself. Bring check book, you'll like him!"

Price: $5,800

Age: 11 years Color: black roan overo
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: NO


"My associate and I were sitting in a coffee shop getting warmed up and ready to go look at another horse. A lady walks in and asks us if we were the fellows who owned the truck and horse trailer outside with the nice Rocky Mountain in it? We told her we were and then she said she too owned four Rocky and Kentucky Mountain horses. "What ya do with them, I asked?" "Trail ride she said, weather permitting, I'm riding!" "How many ya got, my associate asked?" "Four she replied." I said, "Ya know, you can only ride one at a time." "Yes, I know," she said. "probably should only have two but I love them all." Well, the story continues and the long and the short of it is, we went out and looked at her four and rode all four, picked the best two of the four, but every one of them were good ones, and made her an offer. Lady took the offer but said, "Load them up before I get home. I don't want to see them go, I'll be crying for a week as it is!"

Well, these girls are kid-broke, dummy proof and if you can't get on them and go have no business being on a horse at all! I am going to leave it at that! Anne is the beautiful tri-color."

The above story is an example of how Trail Horses of the West finds good horses..........we work at it! Just like a detective, we run down every lead. Many days you get back to the motel room cold and wet or hot an sweaty, with out laying an eyeball on one suitable horse. That is our business....good horses! Look forward to seeing you soon!'

Price: $4,850

Age: 10 years Color: tri-color tobiano
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse/Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: NO


"Trail miles and wet saddle blankets! Add to that a rider's sore butt and you've got the combination that proves over the long haul to be beneficial to both horse & rider. Leo wasn't a horse for sale when I bought him. I'd like to say my charm and personality persuaded Leo's former owner to sell him to me. Truth really came down to money. A long time friend and Leo's owner rode together 3-4 times a week. Usually for an hour or two after work and longer rides on Saturdays. I am going to post a photo of my friend, Lori Lee and his red & white mare that previously rode so often with Leo. One can look at Leo's pictures and see he is, Oh-So-Handsome, with such a stylish front end when he is in his gaits. Been riding him all over the Santa Fe National Forest now and I can tell you he is simply marvelous!"

Price: $5,500

Age: 7 years Color: Chestnut tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: No



"Sunshine and Raggs! Sounds like the synopsis of a person's life! No, Sunshine and Raggs are two very fine pleasure/trail horses that I bought
off good country folks. Dad was working out of town and didn't have time to ride. Mother had some health issues and was afraid to ride
anymore. Daughter was in college. I came along and bought these two pasture mates without any hesitation. These are good mares and been
well cared for but now need a new home and I happy to offer them to the buying public at a very economical price. Photos and videos were
taken by myself and Sunshine and Raggs had no baths before their photos were shot. Frankly, these two mares are all you need to enjoy
yourself pleasure or trail riding. Their gaits are wonderful, their friendly and gentle to handle. Sunshine parks out to get on and off and Raggs is a registered Tennessee Walker. Thunder's Ragdoll # 20503046. Please note: In video of Sunshine, she was holding her head up a bit to high. She was avoiding contact with the bit in her mouth. Since video, I have had her wolf teeth taken out and floated, as I did with Raggs as well. Both ready to be ridden any where you please to ride them!

**Special Package Deal - Both mares for $6,000**

Price: $3,250 each

Age: 9 & 11 years Color: Sunshine is sorrel, Raggs is bay
  Sex: mares Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: both 15 hands Registration: Yes, Thunder's Ragdoll #20503046.


"King is a very pleasant horse to be around and ride. King will always meet you at the fence or gate. Great with other horses and when he is cleaned up or washed, he is a most handsome boy. King has a comfortable walk as well as trail gait. ( Really all a trail rider needs) We have put plenty of miles on King since he has been at Twin Ponds Ranch and he doesn't pay any attention to the deer and elk we encounter on the trail at all. I have been in the business to know that some person will think King is the King. Spotted Saddle Horse breeding and he has one blue eye. I understand some folks don't like blue eyes and I also understand some folks do like the blue eye. No matter what side of the fence you stand on regarding this issue, I would recommend you don't past up this solid trail/pleasure horse.

Price: $4,200

Age: 8 years Color: Black tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: NO

Sugar Bum

"Guess a lot of us could be called Sugar Bums. However, this pretty little gals registered name is LADY'S SUGAR BUM DD. Yes, registered Missouri Fox Trotter and broke! Calm, sweet, trail experienced and yes indeed that means she crosses water! Does a perfect fox trot ta boot! Anyone would plum love this 10 year old beauty! Please watch the are going to see one really nice smaller horse."

Price: $4,800

Age: 10 years Color: grey
  Sex: mare Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
Contact Here  Height: 14 hands Registration: Yes, #05-84788


"Back when I was in the outfitting business in Wyoming, I would have loved to have had a horse like Cloud for several reasons. The main reason would be to handle large clients on the seven and a half hour trail ride in and out of my camp in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness. Let's say I had a client weighing 250 pounds. Add a western saddle and you got another 35 pounds. Scoped rifle in a scabbard, add at least another 10 pounds. Saddle bags packed full and ya got 10 more pounds. So now you got a load of 305 pounds if not more. Here is where a horse like Cloud comes in to the picture. Most outfitters in the scenario above would be putting this client on a draft cross. These big draft cross horses have hoofs like dinner plates and most ride like a dump truck. Put a novice client on one of these big boys for seven and a half hours and you got trouble! View the video of Cloud and you can see the difference. Great comfortable walk, good gaits and a horse that can carry a load if asked to."

Price: $4,200

Age: 10 years Color: Chestnut
  Sex: gelding Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.3 hands Registration: No


"This little black gem is Tootsie. For someone wanting a smaller horse (barely 14.1) and a super smooth ya go! Her Daddy was a coal black registered Rocky Mountain Horse but her Mama was unregistered, so Tootsie is not registered but she is indeed a beauty and epitomizes her breed. This little gal has never acted unsafe or goofy in any way since she has been at Twin Ponds Ranch. At four years of age she would benefit greatly by riding in a group for a few trail rides and then let her learn the front position if desired. However, when we have ridden her alone she rides great and doesn't spook at a thing. Come ride her and see what I mean. I bought her right and I am going to sell her right. Wait another year and she is going to be priced a whole lot higher. $3,800 now and you got yourself a beautiful, smooth black darling!"

Price: $3,800

Age: 4 years Color: black
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.1  hands Registration: No


"Bob was known to be one of the best horses in the county. One of my associates has tried to buy Bob for me on numerous occasions with no luck. Few weeks back around the table in a coffee shop, a fellow came in and said, "Ol' Paul is going to put Bob up for sale, goin to start his young two year old buckskin stud horse and get him ready for next Spring!" My farrier friend and associate said, "You going to buy him?" "Got no money or I'd sure would," was the reply. Well, my associate who already had his horse trailer hooked on to his pick-up truck jumped in and drove straight to Paul's house and asked him if it was true he would consider selling Bob? The answer was, of course, yes and Bob is standing here at Twin Ponds Ranch. I am told that this Paul fellow would have his wife drive him and Bob to the vet's office every year to get a new Coggins paper and vaccines and Paul would ride Bob the ten miles back home after the vet was through. Not only has Bob been ridden all over the country on trail rides, he has camped, ridden in ditches along side traffic and nipping dogs.............this guy has seen it all! Bob will also ride safely with nothing on his head at all, just a rope around is shoulders is all ya need! Trained to park-out too! As the former owner Paul said, "There ain't a more broke horse in the world!" Kind, friendly and gentle...beginner can ride him. Yessiree Bob, here is a tall horse lover's dream!"

Price: $6,500

Age: 6 years Color: Black Tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 16.2 hands Registration: No


"As I have said many, many, many times, "It ain't the birthdays that make the horse, it is the temperament!" If you go to the Testimonials section of this website, you can read about several horses just like Ziggy. Same age, same temperament! If ya think a younger horse is not for you, that is fine and dandy with me as I have a bunch of good horses in the six years range and older for sale and love ta sell ya one. But, for the person who is open to a good horse regardless of age, then you should look at Ziggy. LOVES people! Meets you at the gate and so happy to follow you around. With a little time bonding with Ziggy, you'd have yourself a horse and a dog all in one package. This boy has got the pleasing mind, the gaits and the looks to be someone's Dream Horse! (editor notes: please excuse the photos of Ziggy not washed up....chilly day and we spared him a cool bath.)

Price: $4,800

Age: 4 years Color: palomino
  Sex: gelding Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: NO


"I do not know what more a person could want in a smaller trail horse. Ricky the Rocky is just plain fabulous! He does everything you ask him to do. We are putting guest and novice riders on him and he has not made a bubble! Some folks come here and make false negative assumptions about horses without even throwing a leg over them and riding the darn horse! Promise ya.......there is no negative to be found in this handsome fellow! Come ride Ricky on the trail and you'll see how he'll stack up! We have put many a mile on this guy and he is a dream! You want a chocolate, shiny flaxen mane & tail Rocky Mountain?........ Here he is! A guest and his wife came with some customers and they both took Ricky out for a long trail ride. The husband came back and said about Ricky, "I give him an "A" ! "A" for his looks! "A" for temperament. "A" for safe! Forget all that goofy non-sense about a horse needing to be 8-10 years old to be safe. My goodness............come ride Ricky!"

Price: $5,250

Age: 5 years Color: chocolate with yellow mane & tail
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: No


"Here is a color that is almost exotic! A Grulla color is very rare and exceptionally so in the gaited breeds. This gorgeous creature was bred and raised by a very good friend and is now being offered for sale at an extremely fair price. Double registered, Rocky Mountain Horse and Kentucky Mountain Horse. Certified to breed, so reproducing a foal of the grulla color is a strong possibility. Broke and ready to ride as the photos of her being ridden in a parade clearly proves. Oh My!!! Wouldn't ya love to own this rare darling? Please note: Sarita is stabled in Kentucky and can be shown from that location."

Price: $7,500

Age: 4 years Color: grulla
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse & Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: Yes, RMHA #2011044075/KMHA #201109016

"Exchange Policy"
Anytime within the first 30 days from date of Purchase Contract,
buyer may return horse in exchange for another of equal value.
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