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[ Always For Sale - ~Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses,†Rocky Mountain Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, and many others!!]

The Horses offered by Trail Horses of The WEST will exceed your expectations, whether you ride at 13,000 feet in the rugged mountains or a congested trail in a metro area.
Fred Mau, owner of Trail Horses Of The West Trail Horses of The WEST has many years of proven excellence in customer service and selection of exceptional gaited trail horses.

Trail Horses of The WEST is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and to treating our customers like family.

Trail Horses of The WEST always has more horses than are posted below. If you don't see what you want, call us and we will find it for you.


Itís not only a promise, itís a tradition!

(Please note: All of the horses offered for sale at THOTW, Inc. have recently been vaccinated with either a 4- way or a 5-way, Nasal Strangles and West Nile. In addition, horses are wormed with the best worm medication on the market.)


"The reason I bought Drummer was because he is absolutely the kind of horse that makes a true trailer horse. This guy has got that wonderful, kind, sweet, temperament and a smooth gait to go with it. When he sees you coming, he comes a running and will accept your petting and conversation for as long as you wish to share it with him. Drummer has not yet reached his adult body weight but he is putting it on fast. Take him to any trail or parking lot, unload him and go.......he is not a project! He stands now at 15.1 hands high and may gain another inch. Don't let your perception get in the way of coming and riding this guy. You will be thrilled you did!

Price: $6,500

Age: 4 years Color: palomino
  Sex: gelding Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: No


"ROCK-A-BYE-BABIE is her name and you gotta love that! Babie is what we call her and as sweet as she is, how could we call her anything else? Triple registered......Rocky Mountain Horse Association, The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and American Gaited Mountain Horse. But as we all know you can't ride papers but ya can ride this fine mare if you can climb up in the saddle. My good friend and long time associate who is also a farrier has offered to buy Babie over the last several years. A very recent phone call saying they had something come up and Babie was going to be offered for sale and you are the first one to know about it. Well, when it came time to load Babie up in a trailer my associate looked over at the family and everyone was crying. I quick reassurance was made that if they changed their minds Babie could be unloaded from the trailer and there would be no hard feelings. Again the comment was made that something had come up and Babie needed another loving home. I'll get you some more photos and videos of her under saddle but don't bank on this sweetheart being here for very long. Riding is believing. Dapples......did you see her dapples?"

Price: $6,800

Age: 14 years Color: chocolate
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, American Gaited Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3Ĺ hands Registration: Yes, RMHA #2003011052. KMHA #20040309, AGMHA #013134


"I had nothing to do with naming this fine horse, but I will back him 100% that he is indeed.............FINE! Yes, this Cookie horse is a horse a beginner on up, can safely ride. About as easy of horse to get along with as there is. I can't help but think how many women would love to have this Cookie for their husband to ride but I certainly don't limit Cookie to just novice riders. A little over 15 hands but stout, with good bone. Gaits so very easily.....power glide transmission..........smooth! The fellow who owned him before did some trick riding off from him and it is understandable how a person could do that with a horse like Cookie. In one of the videos posted we have Cookie going through the oak brush. Imagine, if you will, having no britches on and running through that type of terrain without some visible reluctance! (It would be good advice to consult with your lover before doing so!) When I say this Cookie horse will go where ya point him, I mean he will go most anywhere. I have no doubt what-so-ever, that you could retrace the Santa Fe or Oregon Trails on Cookie and complete the journey, even in the world today. Ponder that statement if you will!"

Price: $6,500

Age: 10 years Color: Black and White Tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: No


I am not sure I can explain how great this horse is better than the photos and videos that I have posted. Don't just stop and presume Sunset is all just good looks. This boy is the kind we all want and that is that sweet disposition and willingness to do what is being asked of him. There is no insecurity in this guy. He can lead or follow. Throw a saddle on him and GO! Sunset reminds me of a time ten years ago or so, I was in Tennessee attending a Spotted Saddle Horse Association Show. In the Halter Class competition, a young man brought out a perhaps two year old that looks most similar to Sunset. Within minutes the crowd became silent as all eyes were on this handsome young horse. A voice shouted out, "I'll give ya $5,000 fir him!" And immediately after another offer was made. The show ring announcer said, "Take it outside folks" and I know the young man was offered $7,500 that night for his young palomino and white. Remember, this young horse wasn't even broke to saddle yet. So, what is the worth of a horse like Sunset? Well, I am sure more than what I am about to ask and that is $8,000. Now you come ride this boy and you tell me if I am asking to much. Even if he were a dirty grey, he'd be worth what I am asking. Sweet, kind and gentle....rides like he was twenty years old. Not kidding.

Price: $8,000

Age: 4 years Color: dark palomino and white
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.1 hands Registration: No


"Ya gotta watch the videos on this one to start to appreciate. Come throw a leg over him and ride Black Jack on the trail to fully appreciate. Black Jack has been used for the last few years in a riding club. Members fought over who would get to ride him, and before and after rides, he was the crowd favorite to plain ol' love-on! This guy will put his head right on your shoulders! Black Jack's momma is a registered Rocky Mountain Horse colored red-chocolate. After momma had two red-chocolate foals the owner wanted something different in color and breed to a jet black registered Tennessee Walker stallion. So, Black Jack is black in the winter months but in short, summer hair, the sun has done it's job of bleaching. His style, grace, manners and movement under saddle put him right up there on the top of the list for attractiveness and at the top of the list for safe and enjoyable as well! Watch the videos and you'll see what I mean. If the smile on your face after viewing the photos and videos last longer than four hours, no need to consult with your would be expected!!" ~~Sale Pending~~

Price: $6,500

Age: 7 years Color: black
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse/Tennessee Walking Horse-Cross
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: NO


"Southern Art! I am not sure if this horse was named after artwork or as a name usually referring to a male. Here is what Wikipedia says about the word, art. "Art is a diverse range of activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power."

Well, however you want to go with this name Art, I can tell you he is a very good Art. And certainly his looks and motion while moving are a form of art. Now when I took these videos of Manual riding Southern Art, he had only been to his new home in New Mexico (Twin Ponds Ranch) for less than 24 hours. Unfortunately he has been stalled up for two and a half weeks prior because of our transport company being involved in a bad accident and we had to find a different transport company. After that, he was on another transport trailer for two days and then with only a short rest we had him saddled up and trail riding. Now, let's be honest. Not many horses could pull that off without a fuss or much more? This Southern Art is a saddle horse and knows when it is time to go to work and what is expected of him when asked. Southern Art's color is beyond unique but without question stunningly handsome. I would call his color as a milk chocolate roan & white tobiano. His tail nearly touches the ground and it is pure white and so thick you could hide a basketball in it! Perhaps I should say he is a rare art form! Stout build and able to carry a large person and gear."

Price: $7,500

Age: 10 years Color: milk chocolate roan & white tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15+ hands Registration: No


Dawson is a 11 year old milk chocolate roan with white mane and tail. Big stout boy with smooth, graceful gaits, and lots of trail experience. Beautiful gentle horse with a gorgeous head and big kind eyes.

Price: $6500

Age: 11 years Color: milk chocolate roan with white mane and tail
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.2 hands Registration: NO


" No Drama Momma is what we call her. Ellie is her real name. Here is a great family horse. Big enough for Dad and Mom, 15.1, and gentle enough for the kids. Trailer her up and unload her any where you wish....she'll ride like she has been there many times before. At twelve years of age and consistently ridden since she was broke at three, she is experienced and it shows. No marish tendencies have we ever seen out of her. Most folks today are busy, busy and don't have time to fool around with a horse when they can finally get away and enjoy a ride. This is why we call her, No Drama Momma. Come throw a leg over her and let's head to the mountains. It will be an enjoyable trip.............guaranteed!"

Price: $4,850

Age: 12 years Color: Tri-colored
  Sex: mare Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse/Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: No

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