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[ Always For Sale - ~Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses,†Rocky Mountain Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, and many others!!]

The Horses offered by Trail Horses of The WEST will exceed your expectations, whether you ride at 13,000 feet in the rugged mountains or a congested trail in a metro area.

Fred Mau, owner of Trail Horses Of The West

Trail Horses of The WEST has many years of proven excellence in customer service and selection of exceptional gaited trail horses.

Trail Horses of The WEST is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and to treating our customers like family.

Itís not only a promise, itís a tradition!

(Please note: All of the horses offered for sale at THOTW, Inc. have recently been vaccinated with either a 4- way or a 5-way, Nasal Strangles and West Nile. In addition, horses are wormed with the best worm medication on the market.)


"A name with princess in it, clearly fits this extraordinary mare. Princess Royal is her name and there isn't another Rocky Mountain mare on this planet that is any sweeter or smoother in various gaits than this gal! Who ever is lucky enough to own this fine animal is very lucky indeed! There is not a rider or horse expert on this earth that would guess her age by riding Princess Royal. Four years of age, coming five but is you didn't look in her mouth you'd guess ten years old plus! I've posted four good videos for you to watch and ponder. If your perception is she isn't the best horse your butt has every sat on, you've missed out, BIG Time!"

Price: $7,500

Age: 4 + years Color: Dappled Chocolate
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: NO


"Here is a horse with a body style many folks are attracted to. Stout, chunky but graceful and athletic at the same time. Cherokee is eleven years old. Very solid horse on the trail with great smooth gaits and a very comfortable walk. Personable horse that will greet you at the fence. Standing 15 hands high Cherokee is capable of carrying a larger person and going all day in the steepest of mountains. Cherokee's tri-color (brown, black and white) only adds to the quality of this fine gelding. Big ride coming up?...............Cherokee is ready to go!"

Price: $6,500

Age: 11 years Color: Tri-color tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted/Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: NO


"Cream has been my personal horse most of the last eight years. Two years ago I gave Cream to my daughter in Phoenix. Cream is a wonderful trail horse with hundreds of hours under saddle. He does not however, do well in Phoenix weather in summer time. Barn flies are attracted to him in that area and therefore, last summer and again this summer, we have brought Cream back to the mountains and Twin Ponds Ranch. To be fair to Cream, we don't want to send him back to Phoenix Valley area and are putting him up for sale. Great horse being offered to a good home! Let me tell you more about Cream. I bought Cream when he was only two and a half years old. Just started under saddle but his tremendous gaits were very apparent even then. I have taken and ridden him on so many different hunting, fishing and backpacking trips I couldn't begin to write about all of them. He, of course, has been high lined, tied to a horse trailer and been in more horse motels across the country than any other horse I have owned. Few years back I was invited to the annual ride of the El Paso Sheriff's Posse in Chama, New Mexico. Now a fellow with a whole bunch of horses on his ranch doesn't take anything but his best horse to ride with his cowboy buddies. Cream was magnificent and fielded many compliments on the two day ride. Always stands still to get on and off. So, you should have a darn good idea of what kind of a horse Cream is and how very few there are out there that have seen what Cream has seen and experienced. I can tell ya plenty of more stories and am glad ta do so but ya really need to come ride him!

Price: $7,500

Age: 11 years Color: Palomino tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.2 hands Registration: yes - #20401207


"Here's another "OMG" horse from Trail Horses of the West! Look at this beauty! Talk about turning some heads......goodness! Well, I can tell you she rides as good as she looks. As you can plainly see, she is put together very well and certainly healthy/sound. Standing 15.1+ hands high, Buttercup is capable of hauling a larger person up any mountain but not so tall ya can't get on her. Very graceful for an animal her size. She'll bond with you quickly and is great with other horses........ easy to catch too. Matt Dillion never rode a buckskin as good looking as this girl. You'll like her a lot!"

Price: $6,500

Age: 11 years Color: Buckskin
  Sex: mare Breed: Mountain Horse/Tennessee Walking Horse cross
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 + hands Registration: NO


"This is Warrior MP. MP stands for Mountain Pleasure. If you have followed our website over the years we have written about the Mountain Pleasure bloodline of the Rocky/Kentucky Mountain breed. What this all boils down to is a very calm bloodline within the already calm, gentle breed of the Rocky/Kentucky Mountains. Warrior was previously owned by a gentlemen that had him for several years and used him primarily for trail riding but occasionally used Warrior for moving his cattle as well. Riding Warrior you can instantly tell he was trained and used around cattle. He is light and very responsive, neck reins or direct reins, your choice and used to ropes and whips being thrown off his back. The only reason Warrior is standing at Twin Ponds Ranch is his owner was an Auctioneer and his business has grown to one hundred auctions per year and no time to pleasure/trail ride any more. In casual conversation it was mentioned that maybe he should consider selling Warrior because of time constraints and within a few hours Trail Horses of the West's network caught wind of the possibility of Warrior being available for purchase. In less than a day, we had our top associate at Warrior's barn with saddle, camera and cash. So now you know the story. Let me tell you more about this handsome and unique gelding. Warrior's color is called a Rattlesnake Palomino. Please do not confuse his temperament to be like a Rattlesnake, I'm describing his unique color pattern which is similar to a Rattlesnake. In addition, Warrior has four near perfect white stockings and a white patch on his belly indicating he probably had a spotted colored horse somewhere in his ancestry. Warrior might be the perfect family horse. Dad, mom, the kids and the grand parents could all ride him. Now tell me, what's in your barn?"  ~~sale pending~~

Price: $7,800

Age: coming 12 years Color: Rattlesnake Palomino
  Sex: gelding Breed: Mountain Pleasure Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.3 hands Registration: NO


"Thunder's Rag Doll is her registered name but we just call her Raggs. We should call her Doll, cuz she is one. Beautiful dark, dark bay with two back white fetlocks or short socks. Solid horse ready to be taken anywhere. Easy to catch, doesn't look at a thing. I bought her right from a good family that got to busy to ride her as often as they would like. Trail Horses of the West has owned her for 5-6 months and she has been a go-to horse when we needed a trail horse for guest customers. Good natural gaits and yes she canters as one of the videos posted clearly shows. OK, no reason to deprive yourself of a good horse over money. I've got this Doll priced more than right. Buy her, get on her and enjoy yourself! Teeth floated, all of her vaccines are current, wormed, slick, shiny, healthy and sound! Thunder's Rag Doll!"

Price: $3,500

Age: 11 years Color: dark Bay
  Sex: mare Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: Yes TWHBEA #20503046


"Over the past 14 years I have gotten maybe 6-8 horses from the gentlemen I bought Archie from. It is safe to say that this gentlemen is now a long time good friend. My friend is now 75 years old and rides several times a week, rain or shine. At most, he'll have two horses at a time and if he thinks his horse or horses are solid as a rock, AND what measures up to my standards, he'll give me a call. Archie is of course a horse my friend recently let me have and I am so pleased I now own Archie. I'll tell you Archie is friendly and about as easy to be around, and ride, as any horse I've ever owned and offered for sale. Frankly, this guy is perfect for some smaller person starting out riding or ideal for a experienced rider who wants, solid-solid, broke-broke! Don't care what the weather is outside and don't care how long it has been since ya rode him last! Just throw a leg over him and go. Ride him to the market or your neighborhood saloon....Archie don't care! Great little trail horse. Watch the videos please. It is very easy to see what I am-a-sayin!"

Price: $5,500

Age: 6 Color: sorrel and white tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14 Registration: NO


" Milo is a registered Rocky Mountain Horse gelding coming 5 years old in June. Milo is a stunningly handsome red chocolate with flaxen mane & tail. At 14.2 he is ideal for the small to medium sized person. He is sweet and kind with wonderful smooth gaits. We have had Milo lead groups of riders and he does well out front even though he hasn't seen all the trails in the world yet. He has never acted stupid or unsafe. Milo is ready for someone to show him off. Now is the time to get yourself a great smaller Rocky Mountain. This guy is gonna to Wow ya!"

Price: $5,500

Age: 5 years Color: red chocolate
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.2 hands Registration: Yes, #2012044733


"Trail miles and wet saddle blankets! Add to that a rider's sore butt and you've got the combination that proves over the long haul to be beneficial to both horse & rider. Leo wasn't a horse for sale when I bought him. I'd like to say my charm and personality persuaded Leo's former owner to sell him to me. Truth really came down to money. A long time friend and Leo's owner rode together 3-4 times a week. Usually for an hour or two after work and longer rides on Saturdays. I am going to post a photo of my friend, Lori Lee and his red & white mare that previously rode so often with Leo. One can look at Leo's pictures and see he is, Oh-So-Handsome, with such a stylish front end when he is in his gaits. Been riding him all over the Santa Fe National Forest now and I can tell you he is simply marvelous!"

Price: $5,500

Age: 7 years Color: Chestnut tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: No

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