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[ Always For Sale - ~Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses,†Rocky Mountain Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, and many others!!]

The Horses offered by Trail Horses of The WEST will exceed your expectations, whether you ride at 13,000 feet in the rugged mountains or a congested trail in a metro area.
Fred Mau, owner of Trail Horses Of The West Trail Horses of The WEST has many years of proven excellence in customer service and selection of exceptional gaited trail horses.

Trail Horses of The WEST is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and to treating our customers like family.

Trail Horses of The WEST always has more horses than are posted below. If you don't see what you want, call us and we will find it for you.


Itís not only a promise, itís a tradition!

(Please note: All of the horses offered for sale at THOTW, Inc. have recently been vaccinated with either a 4- way or a 5-way, Nasal Strangles and West Nile. In addition, horses are wormed with the best worm medication on the market.)


"I can tell you one thing, whatever price I put on this horse, it probably isn't enough. Peggy and I just got through bringing Tribal Dance to our New Mexico ranch. We traveled with him in a trailer for seventeen hundred miles and three nights in horse motels. Tribal Dance is as easy a horse to travel and be around as any horse I have ever owned. His manners are impeccable and loading and unloading him is automatic. When unloading Tribal Dance from a trailer he will always just back out even though he has plenty of room to turn around. His first ride in New Mexico was like he had been ridden here his whole life. In fact, the one video posted is of him gaiting in New Mexico the first time as well! Stands to get on with a mounting block and when we took him through an area of rocks and downfall, he went through that without as much as stubbing a toe (hoof)! Everything seems to come to him so naturally. No doubt smart and well trained by a trainer who knew what he or she was doing. Oh, by-the-way, the saddle we have on him is a Henry Miller and we have that saddle in stock. How bout Tribal Dance AND a new black saddle? Hope ya come ride will love him!" 

Price: $8,000

Age: 8 years Color: Black & White Tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.3 hands Registration: Yes #20901464


"Here is one of the best-trained horse you, me or your uncle have ever laid an eyeball on! This is Dan. Dan was trained by his owner who has
a reputation for training horses the very best. Dan is not only trained to be ridden in a saddle but he was first started by pulling a cart and then broke for saddle. As the videos I have posted clearly show, on a low volume commend of "Whoa", Dan will immediately stop. Ride Dan with
nothing but the pressure of a lead rope on his neck. Will back -up from here to Chicago, if ya ask him too. Tremendous gaits. Talk about a horse with a whole head full of sense! My long time associate and farrier rode for over nine hours, with Dan being ridden by a women and he was the best horse on the nine hour ride just like he is on every ride. The only reason Dan was offered for sale was the owner/trainer's wife had some recent medical bills to contend with and I was at the right place at the right time to buy him. Someone reading this may also have good timing a wind up with an exceptional horse in their barn!"

Price: $7,000

Age: 11 years Color: Chestnut and White
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: No


"Talk about lit up! Colorful indeed! Peppermint Sue, right name for a flashy sweet gal. Six years old and as you can see in video, a child can ride her! More videos and photos to follow directly.

Price: $5,500

Age: 6 years Color: Red roan sabino
  Sex: mare Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration:


Dawson is a 11 year old milk chocolate roan with white mane and tail. Big stout boy with smooth, graceful gaits, and lots of trail experience. Beautiful gentle horse with a gorgeous head and big kind eyes.

Price: $6500

Age: 11 years Color: milk chocolate roan with white mane and tail
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.2 hands Registration: NO


"This is Rusty! Rusty is not rusty. In fact, Rusty is a kid broke-beginner type horse that you can do just about anything with as shown in one photo of my associate lifting up his back leg. You can crawl under Rusty without a worry in the world he'll move or step on you. As shown in the video he'll ride with nothing in his mouth and Rusty is comfortable with a saddle on him or just go without one. Photos posted are not of our usual quality but I wanted to get Rusty on site as soon as I could. Better photos to follow but I wouldn't wait if you are in the market for a good calm pleasure/trail horse with personality and great looks. Rusty is what I call a golden chestnut with white blaze and much lighter mane and tail. Handsome boy that anyone should be proud to own and ride. I need $4,850 for him and that is a steal!"

Price: $4,850

Age: 9 years Color: Gold Chestnut
  Sex: gelding Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: NO


"Champ is a 14 year old gelding that is kind and gentle. A horse a beginner can ride. Many a mile on the trail. Not at all spooky or nervous. (If he was, he wouldn't be on my website!) Will walk when ya say Walk and has nice smooth gaits when ya ask him to move out. Will ride well in just a halter and nothing in his mouth! All you need right here to go a trail riding and enjoy yourself. Ain't that what it is all about?"

Price: $3,900

Age: 14 years Color: Chestnut
  Sex: gelding Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.2 hands Registration: No


"I have gotten so many requests in the past for a smaller well-minded gelding and I just didn't have one at the time. It is so difficult to keep these names of folks who say, "If you ever get one, give me a call!" Best I can do is post the horses on my website and now I am doing just that. At 14 hands high and smooth as glass I've got one that every person wanting a shorter horse ought to jump on. Ride this Lawrence gelding right through the middle of town or through a prison riot! Don't matter. Fat just like a lot of my customers like em! If you can get on him you can ride him. Handsome dude ta boot. Cutest little head you ever saw!

Price: $6,500

Age: 10 years Color: chocolate-flaxen tail
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Height: 14 hands Registration: No


"ROCK-A-BYE-BABIE is her name and you gotta love that! Babie is what we call her and as sweet as she is, how could we call her anything else? Triple registered......Rocky Mountain Horse Association, The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and American Gaited Mountain Horse. But as we all know you can't ride papers but ya can ride this fine mare if you can climb up in the saddle. My good friend and long time associate who is also a farrier has offered to buy Babie over the last several years. A very recent phone call saying they had something come up and Babie was going to be offered for sale and you are the first one to know about it. Well, when it came time to load Babie up in a trailer my associate looked over at the family and everyone was crying. A quick reassurance was made that if they changed their minds Babie could be unloaded from the trailer and there would be no hard feelings. Again the comment was made that something had come up and Babie needed another loving home. I'll get you some more photos and videos of her under saddle but don't bank on this sweetheart being here for very long. Riding is believing. Dapples......did you see her dapples?"

Price: $6,800

Age: 14 years Color: chocolate
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3Ĺ hands Registration: Yes - RMHA #2003011052, KMSHA #20040309, and AGMH #013134


"Where in the world can you find two gorgeous Rocky Mountain Horse mares for sale other than good Ol' Trail Horses Of The West? Now this is Candy Girl and an almost a double for our Rock-A-Bye-Babie. Candy Girl is going to be five years old on July 11th and she is broke, gentle and ready for any level of rider! In addition, she is certified to breed! Her mane and tail are white, not flaxen and she is dappled, dappled. Beautiful gaits and sweet, sweet, sweet! Buy her, take her to your favorite place to ride and get on and go....that's all ya gotta do! Top of the line breeding. Top of the lines looks and top of the line temperament. If you can find another two Rocky Mountain mares like we are offering for sale any place, at any price, I'd be surprised."

Price: $6,800

Age: 5 years Color: chocolate c/w white mane and tail.
  Sex: mare Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3Ĺ hands Registration: Yes RMHA #2013045006


"A gelding! Let's get that out of the way right off the bat! I am sure that some person will see the name Bell and assume that this gorgeous horse is a mare. I love mares as well but RNB's Hurricane's Kentucky Bell is definitely a gelding. Registered Rocky Mountain Horse Association and American Gaited Mountain Horse. Now most folks wouldn't consider a bay colored horse as flashy but I do not think anyone would deny that this guy is handsome! Yes, Bell just turned three years of age on April 14th, 2017 and yes, he is not right now for the beginner/novice rider. He is however ready for an advanced rider or someone that can bring him to the sensational level he is destined to achieve. Bell has already been ridden in town and in traffic. Been trail ridden here in New Mexico and has run into wild turkey, mule deer and elk, has crossed creeks, climbed steep mountains and slid back down them. As I said, he is going to be one magnificent horse. Standing already at 14.3 and has very muscular conformation. Gee, I'd love to see some serious trail rider or endurance rider get him and take him to his potential. He is very quick to learn and has sensationally smooth gaits. In all of our training with him as well as on the mountain trails we have ridden Bell on, he has never acted dangerously at all. For the right person or family, now is the time to move on him!"

Price: $5,500

Age: 3  years Color: bay
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here Height: 14.3 hands Registration: Yes, dual registered - RMHA #2015483757

"Exchange Policy"
Anytime within the first 30 days from date of Purchase Contract,
buyer may return horse in exchange for another of equal value.
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