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[ Always For Sale - ~Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, and many others!!]

The Horses offered by Trail Horses of The WEST will exceed your expectations, whether you ride at 13,000 feet in the rugged mountains or a congested trail in a metro area.

Fred Mau, owner of Trail Horses Of The West

Trail Horses of The WEST has many years of proven excellence in customer service and selection of exceptional gaited trail horses.

Trail Horses of The WEST is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and to treating our customers like family.

It’s not only a promise, it’s a tradition!

(Please note: All of the horses offered for sale at THOTW, Inc. have recently been vaccinated with either a 4- way or a 5-way, Nasal Strangles and West Nile. In addition, horses are wormed with the best worm medication on the market.)


"Sugar = Sweet. Yes, Sugar is sweet. In fact, very sweet! Sugar is smooth. And Sugar is a horse anyone should be able to ride. Now Sugar is a Classic Champagne. Her color is the rarest and most exotic of the champagne colors. Yes, Sugar will turn heads but more attention and accolades will be given for her wonderful temperament. Meet and greet you anywhere! Terrific comfortable walk to go along with nice gaits above her walk. As I said, "This gal is sweet!"

Price: $4,850

Age: 5 years Color: Classic Champagne
  Sex: mare Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: No


"Registered as LSF Royal Authority AMHR #180527, Thor is an eight-year-old registered red chestnut Morgan gelding that a friend and trainer has owned for past six years. "Thor is a cute, pleasing personality type horse with some trail experience and some ring experience. Has great feet and has always been barefoot…"

Above is the comment from Thor's past owner. At Trail Horses of the West we are an exclusively gaited breed operation. Strong conviction that the gaited breeds are the best choice for the trail. In the case of Thor, I purchased him in a package deal and thought I would have time to work with him and make him an experienced trail horse. Fact is, THOTW, Inc. is too busy to devote time to Thor and have decided to let Thor go to someone who can spend more time with him and use him more for what he was breed to do. It is my understanding the his parents as well as his entire bloodline is made up of high end show horses. No buck, rear or run off with ya in this guy. Ready right now for arena work and more.............Thor!"

Price: $1,500

Age: 8 years Color: Red Chestnut
  Sex: gelding Breed: Morgan
Contact Here  Height: 14.2 hands Registration: yes AMHR #180527


 "This is Neeta Answer, registered AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION # 4285577. Her Nick Name is Juniper (thank God!) If you want to know the full and complete history of this mare, I've got it documented in a three ring binder! I acquired Juniper from a very nice couple from Durango, Colorado area. This couple came down to look for one gaited horse and decided to purchase two after riding them so they would have a similar match on the trail. I agreed to take Juniper in on a trade as she certainly is a saleable horse with many attributes. Many hours of training, neck reins, side passes and comfortable walk. Of course she'll lope too and cantor. Ideal starter horse, family horse, kids horse. Trail Horses of the West seldom offers for sale anything but the gaited breeds, so I am going to price Juniper for what I have in her. Give Juniper a good home like she has always had and $2,100 and she is your! You'll love her.....good one!"

Price: $2,100

Age: 13 years Color: Bay Roan
  Sex: mare Breed: Quarterhorse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: Yes #4285577


"Daisy is her name. Name implies pleasant thoughts. Well, in the case of this Daisy mare, you can keep your pleasant thoughts..................she is a good one indeed! For the folks that believe every mare is marish, I won't be able to change your mind. But, for the people that have an open mind on the subject and can evaluate an individual horse and not generalize, they will find an exceptionally nice, kind, sweet, saddle horse. Besides all of the other attributes she has, ya get a ton of chrome to go with her! this gal beautiful! Friendly as well....catch her any where. Good with other horses! Worth far more that what I am asking!! Come and get her.......not a horse you'll find on every corner!"

Price: $4,850

Age: 8 years Color: gold palomino w/white mane & tail
  Sex: mare Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: NO


"Smokey is half Rocky Mountain and half Tennessee Walker. Born in the Appalachian Mountain of Eastern Kentucky, Smokey grew up being ridden and used nearly every weekend and large trail rides. His calmness comes from good breeding and experience. You can put Smokey through any type of desensitizing maneuvers you wish and he will pass with flying colors. His color is a dark shiny brown and his head is small and handsome. Frankly, if you can't get on this fine gelding and ride him anywhere you want to, then you have no business being on a horse..............he is extremely broke and gentle. Please watch the videos and you will see what I mean.............Smokey...a gem!"

Price: $5,250

Age: 10 years Color: Black bay
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse/Rocky Mountain Horse-cross
Contact Here  Height: 14.2 hands Registration: No


"Simply Sophisticated is this fine mare's registered name! We commonly call her Blue Sophie! As you can plainly see, she is a true blue roan and one of the prettiest you will ever lay eyes upon. Her calm gentle disposition is just as attractive too! Blue Sophie has been a one owner horse up to a few months ago when I bought her from the original owner. There are no records of Simply Sophisticated having a registered foals and it is hard to tell if she has been ever nursed on by looking at her bottom side. But, Boy...what a mare to have a foal out of! And, Man-O-Man, what a mare to ride. Look at the videos and photos I have posted and you tell me?"

Price: $6,500

Age: 10 years Color: blue roan
  Sex: mare Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: Yes, #2040061


"If you are in the market for a trail horse and particularly a chocolate Rocky Mountain, you will know they are nearly impossible to find. In my opinion, I believe Ricky The Rocky is a very handsome Rocky and has a good temperament to go with it. By looking at the photos and videos you will see a very willing horse that will go any where ya point him and is used to dogs being ridden on trails with him too! One of the photos shows the neighbors coming over on their ATV's and Ricky just standing there listening to the conversations. I will not tell you that Ricky has seen thousands of miles of trails yet, but I will tell you that you can take him on these trails and safely put these miles on him yourself. The longer Ricky is with Trail Horses of the West, the more riding and experience he will be getting and the more his price tag will go up. Beautiful young horse ready to ride and looking for a loving new home! Hey Ricky, you're so fine......You're so fine, you blow my mind!

Price: $5,250

Age: 5 years Color: chocolate with yellow mane & tail
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: No


"It is difficult to look at the photos posted of Cash's Last Stand and not want to investigate further about this extremely good looking gelding. Thanks for reading this write-up about an outstanding horse. Having been fortunate enough to have ridden in 22 State, 3 Canadian Provinces and in Mexico, I feel comfortable in stating that 98 percent of all trail riders, would love Cash's Last Stand! If you are not a trail rider but simply a person who enjoys a personable horse and a little riding around your property, then you too would love this fella! Stand is the type of horse you want to drink your coffee with in the morning and your refreshment of choice in the evening. Even Amigo loves Stand! (please see photo) So, very calm. Very laid back and easy to ride! Registered Tennessee Walker.....small beautiful head and stocky type body. First person to ride him with $6,500 in their pocket or Piggy Bank, will buy him. He is that kinda horse!"

Price: $6,500

Age: 6 years Color: black tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: Yes #21002361


"Miles is just perfect for the small to medium sized rider. Ultra smooth with many speeds to choose from. But, ask him to walk and you can count on him to walk as slow as you wish. Beautiful black gelding that hasn't even shown any signs of bleaching out in the summer sun yet. Easy to catch with a business-type willing to please. Someone is going to be very pleased with their purchase of Miles."

Price: $4,250

Age: 4 years Color: jet black
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.2 hands Registration: NO


"In the prime of his life...........Ringo! Yes, 7 years old and perhaps 20 years of good riding ahead of him and his owner. Tri-Color or some folks like to refer to as a Bay & White. Bay and Whites, of course, come from one parent being a Bay and one parent being spotted or if you wish, a paint colored horse. Anyway ya look at it Ringo, he is a very handsome fellow who rides down the trail the way you want one to ride. Likes people and will come right up to you but out riding, he is a no non-sense type horse. When I bought Ringo I was told he was an unregistered Tennessee Walker. However, I detected some Missouri Fox Trotter characteristics in his looks and gaits. All good with me....Tennessee Walkers and Fox Trotters are both wonderful breeds. Stocky build, deep chest and muscled shoulders. 14.3 and everything you'll ever need! Ringo, nice sound to his name!"

Price: $5,250

Age: 7 years Color: Tri-Color tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse/Missouri Fox Trotter-cross
Contact Here  Height: 14.3 hands Registration: No


"Here is a horse for the whole family! Yes, novice riders can ride Cadillac Jack. Easy going, calm and gentle. Catch him in a big pasture by just walking up to him. Oh, and perhaps I should mention he is absolutely gorgeous! As far as I am concerned his markings couldn't be better! Palomino color all the way around his mid-section, with snow white mane and tail. Lets talk about his gaits. Smoooooooooooooooth! Now Cadillac Jack does not have high end speed, just ultra smooth saddle gait and one gear above that. If you want one to go screaming through the wilderness, then you should look at another horse. But, for 98% of the pleasure/trail horse riders, Cadillac Jack has it all! No show horse blood in Cadillac Jack. He comes from a family that bred horses for exactly the purpose you and I want......pleasure and trail riding! So, perhaps the perfect horse.......... a Cadillac!

Price: $7,500

Age: 7 years Color: Palomino tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: NO


"Tyson is a very nice, well-minded guy that just delivers. No nonsense, no lip, just performance! My goodness, what smooth comfortable gaits he has. So easy to be around and to ride. Almost unflappable! This dandy fellow comes to Trail Horses of the West by a long time associate who watched this fine gelding being ridden in several big trail rides. My associate also observed Tyson mother & father being ridden and knew he was looking at some very special horses. Tyson father is a registered chocolate Rocky Mountain and his mother is an unregistered Spotted Mountain Horse and her color was what we call a bay and white tobiano. The reason these two horse bred and had Tyson was the result of two owners saying we got something good here and need to a make another one just let these two! So, come throw a leg over Tyson and feel what a horse should feel like! If you will ride him..... You will buy him! Tyson" ***sale pending***

Price: $5,800

Age: 7 years Color: chocolate
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Mountain Horse/Rocky Mountain cross
Contact Here  Height: 15 hands Registration: no


"Half & Half is this fellows full name but we just call him, Half! Half Red and half white and that is the only thing that is one-half about this horse. Doesn't have half the gears.....he has got them all! Don't want to use the higher gears? Ya don't have to. 14.1 and maybe 14.2 with shoes on, is all Half is! Sensational smooth! Spent most of his life with a lady who rode him everywhere. I can't think of a place you could not take this guy and have a ball doing it!

Price: $4,500

Age: 9 years Color: Red tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Contact Here  Height: 14.1 hands Registration: No


"Dakota's Thunderstruck is his name, but we just call him Thunder. If you look at his markings you can easily see how he got his name. Dual registered Tennessee Walker and Spotted Saddle Horse. I owned and sold Thunder six years ago to a good guy and now a friend in Montana. Thunder's past owner rode and used Thunder in the mountains mostly for big game hunting trips. So, it is safe to say Thunder has seen his share of mountain trails and wildlife too! Well, because his previous owner has grandchildren now wanting to ride, I traded some smaller horses for Thunder. Here is an opportunity for another person to own a gem of a horse. Friendly and kind....will meet & greet ya in any size pasture. Thunder had the long Montana winter off and we just began riding him when I get him back in mid-May. He is a little pacey at the moment but with some riding and muscling up, his smoother 4-beat gait will come back. I am pricing him more than right, so don't hesitate. Just come and see this guy in person! Guaranteed you'll be Thunderstruck.

Price: $4,650

Age: 11 years Color: black tobiano
  Sex: gelding Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.3 hands Registration: Yes TWHBEA #20404498 & SSHBEA #10401812


I have owned and sold hundreds of chocolate Rocky Mountain horses through the years but I do not recall ever seeing a chocolate Rocky Mountain with as beautiful a head as Brooks has. In addition, I have never seen a horse with a bigger, bushy tail than Brooks has either! My-Oh-My, he is a looker! I know what you are thinking.............."looks only go so far," and I agree. However, there are few, if any, horse lovers who wouldn't be thrilled to own and ride Brooks. A bit slow to warm up to a new person but after a few sessions together and perhaps some grain or horse candy, the bound begins. Natural 4-beat gaits. Walks slow and easy when asked and that calm, nice walk comes naturally to him. Brooks was a one owner and came from a gentlemen that raised Rocky Mountains and at one time had sixteen brood mares. Brooks and his father Austin, (now sold) were this mans personal riding horses and he rode them both on several big, multi-day rides. When this gentlemen decided to retire, he got an offer from some Texas folks and sold all sixteen of his brood mares in one shot. Bad news about that deal was he gave all of the registration papers to the mares new owner and Brooks papers were in the packet! So, no registration papers in file but let me remind you.....he is a gelding! ***sale pending***

Price: $6,500

Age: 8 years Color: Chocolate flaxen mane and tail
  Sex: gelding Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Contact Here  Height: 15.1 hands Registration: Yes, but owner cannot find papers


"Here is a dandy little 4 year old mare that a long time friend and farrier ran across a couple of years back. Another friend bought the horse from my farrier friend and rode her all over on trail rides. If you'll take the time to watch the videos I have posted, you'll see a very easy going well trained, 14.2 trail horse that has wonderful gaits and a sensational kind and willing mind. Frankly, the history on this sweetheart is a bit unclear but I suspect a touch of Paso Fino in her. Anyways, smooth, calm and oh so willing. Priced more than right and I promise you, you'll be happy, happy, happy with Ginger!"

Price: $2,950

Age: 4 years Color: chestnut
  Sex: mare Breed: gaited
Contact Here  Height: 14.2 hands Registration: No

"Exchange Policy"
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buyer may return horse in exchange for another of equal value.

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